Lawyers To Reply To Ministry's Proposals By Oct. 27

BELGRADE, October 23rd, 2014. (BETA) - At a meeting with representatives of the Bar Association of Serbia on Oct. 23, Serbian Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic presented the Ministry's proposal for the amendment of the Law on public notaries and the Law on the sale of immovable property, and the proposed lump-sum taxation of lawyers, which are the issues they are on strike about.

The president of the Bar Association of Serbia, Dragoljub Djordjevic, said that the association would reply to the Ministry's offer by Oct. 27, 2014, which, if the offer is accepted, will entail stopping the strike, the Justice Ministry announced.

The agreement of the Bar Association would mean that the government will adopt the amendments to the said laws and send them to the Serbian parliament to be voted in, which would be realized within 14 days from the day of accepting of the proposal.

The Bar Association of Belgrade went on strike on Sept. 13, while the Serbian association joined them four days later, on Sept. 17.

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