Serbian Parliament Constituted

BELGRADE, April 16, 2014 (BETA) - The Serbian Parliament was constituted on April 16, with the verification of mandates of deputies, who pledged the oath.

The session will continue on April 23.

The constitutive session was convened by Speaker of the old convocation of the Parliament, Nebojsa Stefanovic. The oldest deputy from the new convocation, Milan Korac, 85, is presiding over the constitutive session.

Besides the verification of mandates, the first session is also held to appoint the new parliament speaker, the deputy speakers and the general secretary.

Also appointed are members of the working bodies and members of permanent parliamentary delegations in international institutions.

In this convocation, the Serbian Progressive Party will have 158 of the 250 seats, the coalition of the Socialist Party - Party of United Pensioners of Serbia - Unified Serbia will have 44, the Democratic Party 19, the New Democratic Party 18, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians six, the Party of Democratic Action of Sandzak three and the Party for Democratic Action two seats.

There were 245 deputies attending the session on April 16.

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