Sinisa Mali Is Belgrade's New Mayor

BELGRADE, April 24, 2014 (BETA) - The deputies of the Belgrade City Assembly on April 24 appointed Serbian Progressive Party candidate Sinisa Mali the 66th mayor of Belgrade.

The Democratic Party of Serbia whip in the City Assembly, Andreja Mladenovic, was appointed to the post of deputy mayor. Also appointed were the 13 members of the City Council.

Mali, who was the chief of Belgrade's transitional authority until this appointment, said during the presentation of his plan that his priority will be the financial consolidation of the city's coffers, through aggressive austerity measures.

"The consolidation of the city's finances will envisage the cutting of unnecessary costs, inciting of investments and the increase of employment. The financial consolidation of Belgrade also envisages the financial consolidation of public enterprises," Mali stated.

Speaking before the deputies of the City Assembly, Mali said that the priority of the new city authorities will be the improvement of the city management through the introduction of electronic management, and the maintaining of a responsible welfare policy in which "the rights of new mothers will be one of the most important points."

He stressed that the most important investments are the realization of the project "Belgrade on Water," completion of the Prokop railway station, construction of the bus station in New Belgrade, introduction of a new line of Beovoz, between Prokop and Resnik, construction of at least four underground parking garages, completion of the inner traffic beltway, reconstruction of the Makis 1 and the building of the Makis 2 water factory, and the reconstruction of the city's landfill in the Vinca quarter.

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